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At 215 Mercury, we help your kitchen live up to its true potential through our kitchen remodeling work.
By equipping your kitchen with functionality, aesthetics, and comfort,
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    Choosing 215Mercury means enjoying LIFETIME SUPPORT and exceptional customer service.
  • Integrity at Heart:
    We fix our mistakes at our cost, not the client’s cost.
  • Constant Quality Checks:
    We perform multiple workmanship quality checks throughout the process to limit potential mistakes.
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"Scott delivered my vision ..."

I wanted to expand my kitchen cabinets while keeping my old solid wood cabinets and most importantly carve out a spot for a dishwasher. Scott delivered my vision and then some! Scott is always extremely responsive and meticulous to details. I am very happy with my new kitchen.

- Colleen McKelvey

"They don't disappear after the job is done ..."

A great thing about working with Scott and 215 Mercury is they don't disappear after the job is done, if any problems come up or you have any questions they get back to you just as quickly as if you were a new customer.

- Emlyn McFarland

"Scott (owner) was very responsive and detailed ..."

these guys were great from start to finish. Scott (owner ) was very responsive and detailed. they were able to start our project within a couple of weeks and completed it within 2 weeks. the quality of work is really good. Jimmy Lee ( PM ) took control of the project and made sure everything was perfect. he put in extra hours to make sure our project was finished on time. we are extremely happy with their work and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a bathroom remodel.

- Ray Prescott

"Scott goes above and beyond in terms of customer service ..."

Scott was a pleasure to work with! Not only was he punctual regarding the time he came out for the estimate and the install, but his knowledge of the various types of stone countertops was impressive. Scott's honesty and integrity is a welcomed addition in a world where you are constantly watching your budget as well as craftmanship. Scott goes above and beyond in terms of customer service and takes extreme pride in his work. I would truly recommend Scotts' company to anyone who is looking for professionalisim, punctuality and perfection!.

- Christina Laws

"Scott was extremely helpful in that planning ..."

We needed to plan fabrication for granite coverings for work areas in the kitchen. Scott was extremely helpful in that planning, and spent considerable time coming to our home and searching suppliers for the appropriate materials. Thanks.

- Sheldon Berman

" I would also recommend him (Scott) to anyone ..."

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott when I needed to have our granite in our Kitchen resealed. He was kind, and did a great job. He may also do some future work for us.. I would also recommend him to anyone, and rate his services with five stars!

- Steven Freemer

Call to Schedule a FREE Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

"Customer Satisfaction First, Everything Else Comes Next"
We mean it when we say ‘customer is king.’ We go the extra mile to ensure that every customer gets the kitchen of their dreams without compromising on quality, costs, or functionality.

Kitchens are made for bringing people together. Being the heart of the home, a kitchen is way more than just another space. We strive every single day to help you feel at home in your kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling focuses on aligning your personal goals, combined with our expertise, to serve something sweet for everyone

"... he would answer us promptly and completely ..."

Scott and his team were great. Every step of the way my wife and I felt like if we had any question at all that we could reach out to Scott and he would answer us promptly and completely. In addition to the the high quality of the job overall, the project was done relatively quickly for a full kitchen remodel, which worked great for us since we had a packed summer schedule. After selling and purchasing a new home this year, I will say that Scott was the best contractors I can remember working with in a long time. I highly suggest him and 215 Mercury and we can't wait to work with Scott again when we want to remodel our bathroom!

- Tom Gigliotti

"... very easy to talk to and very responsive ..."

My wife and I are very satisfied with the overall results of our kitchen after the renovation. Scott, who is the owner and our main contact person in the project was very easy to talk to and very responsive in all our questions and requests. Our kitchen was completed on the fourth week as promised including our additional request/work along the way. Our overall experience was great and looking forward with our bathroom renovation with them if the budget permits.

- Arwin Consulta

"This company goes far and above ..."

Wow!! My new kitchen is beautiful thanks to Scott and his team. Searching many companies for my project I knew I wanted Scott for the job. From the first day of me meeting the owner he went over everything and listened to what I wanted in a new kitchen. Scott also gave me great ideas that I didn’t even think of. Scott kept me up to date on times and what was being done for the following day and seriously this company made me feel at ease that I made the right choice. With so many contractors I had made appointments with to no shows or cancellations but Scott was always there at the times he said he would be there. This company goes far and above to what I was expecting in a kitchen remodeling project. I will definitely use Scott and his team for any project I will have for here on out. A true business owner who takes pride and great quality in his work. Everyone at 215 Mercury was a pleasure to have at my home. A job well done!!!.

- Maureen Connor

"Scott was very honest ..."

We are very happy with the work. Scott was very honest at the first meeting and worked with us on a functional design with appropriate cabinets, flooring, countertops and fixtures. All products were sourced by him and very good quality. Over the course of the project some issues came up that were a result of previous contractor’s work and Scott’s team made a repair to correct the problem. We also made some requests for changes as work progressed that were incorporated into the remodel. The final result is a beautiful/functional kitchen as well as a connection to a company that we will be working with again on future projects!.

- Myriam Weiler

"... provided not only outstanding work, but exceptional professionalism ..."

215Mercury provided not only outstanding work, but exceptional professionalism. Never once did they not return a call promptly or not show up when they said they would. All of our questions and concerns (we had many since this was the first major project in our house) were addressed with the utmost professionalism and understanding. Our kitchen is absolutely beautiful. 10/10 will be using them again for our upcoming projects!!!.

- Karriem Ali

"... extremely responsive and attentive to details ..."

Scott and the 215 Mercury Team are the best in the business. I had them come do our kitchen countertops and backsplash, and the whole process from beginning to end was very smooth. He is extremely responsive and attentive to details, to where he even explained every millimeter that he had to modify when cutting the countertops to ensure that it installed perfectly with our kitchen cabinets. He is a true professional and always shows up on time I do not recommend using anyone else when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling other than Scott and the 215 Mercury team. I am now using him for some tile work in another area of the house.

- Andy Yan

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